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Why should you hire us?

Reasons for Outsourcing your accounts department to us

Every business should have a bookkeeper or an Accountant to maintain the accounts.
We use all different types of software such as MYOB, Quickbooks, Xero, Property IQ and other strata related softwares.

Outstanding professional customer service

We provide our clients with excellent professional customer service. We understand that the client’s priority is to focus on their business. So, we work with you around your available convenient time. We work outside business hours by starting early and finishing fast to find a time that suits you the best.

Tax compliance

We ensure that the accounts and financials of the business are tax compliant to the state and local tax laws. We provide the clients business with a comprehensive set of financial and managerial accounting services that can help their business with an entire suite of accounting services, from bookkeeping and accounting to tax services, business advisory services, and more.

Internal control

Outsourcing can be an Internal control issue. Fraud can be avoided including scams as we cannot prepare or access bank transactions, supplier transactions and supplier payments. This reduces the chance of mishandling of funds.

Availability of experienced bookkeepers and accountants

At R & S Accountancy we have experienced bookkeepers, CPA Accountants to handle the work. We are also Tax agents and BAS Agent

Dealing with the ATO

We will deal with the ATO on your behalf. You will not need to have direct contact with the ATO.

We specialize in Owners corporation financials

With regard to Owner’s Corporation the current accounting process in your business may have errors in the accounts in the form of incorrect coding of Chart of Accounts and GST allocation. Because of this the Financials are impacted with inaccurate data. If the GST is inappropriately applied, it will alter the amounts on the BAS.

If the ATO is provided with inaccurate amounts it could lead to the ATO conducting an audit and there could be severe implications. The ATO can penalize the company for showing wrong figures. We work on the financials from beginning to the end ensuring accuracy of Financials. As part of this process we make necessary journal entries to make the accounts accurate. If there are any errors in the financials we will correct the financials and raise questions with the managers if we find any problems.

We offer advice to Small business and monitor your business.

We offer your business advice in accounting related matters and assist in your day to day running of your business. We will help your business to rise and succeed. We can help to reduce your tax bill. We can also help to monitor your business. For example we can watch your expenses to ensure that you are not overpaying for an item. We can help to identify any costly financial drains. We can also ensure that errors in accounting do not occur. Errors in Accounting can cost you a lot and might even be the end of your business. By outsourcing the Accounting work to us we ensure that you will not deal with errors of that nature.